The History Of Wedding Invitations

For centuries people have been tieing their knots together. In some regions, parents decide the perfect match for their children and tie them together in a knot. In some regions, men and women choose their life partners themselves. Every region, every state has its own culture, its own traditions. Every religion has its own way of practicing cultures, norms and traditions of a marriage. However, one thing apart from marriage that is common among all is a wedding invitation. Though it can be different in many different ways, as well. 

Wedding invitations are the invites or letters to the people you want present on your big day. It is sent to relatives, close friends and everybody who is important to you. Nowadays, even wedding invitations are very advanced. There are numerous designs and styles of invitations with unique and appealing colors and patterns. Even, the advancement has led to use the scented paper for an invitation.

Why Marriages are Important?

Even the God says, “it is not good for a man to be alone”. Marriage is a way two souls unite together, promising to be there by each other’s side for the rest of their lives. Marriage ties a man and a woman into a beautiful relationship in which both bear children and raise them together in the best possible way. Both man and woman are found to be healthier and way happier together, enjoying the joys of life together, dealing with all the problems together. Both the man and woman become a shield for each other, protecting each other from everything and crossing and jumping through every hurdle of life together. 

The research says that the married people experience way less depression than single people. As the married person always has someone present by his/her side. 

-Benefits of Marriage 

There are numerous and immense benefits ofmarriage. 

The social benefits include 

·As the studies say, husband and wife are both much healthier and happier together, as compared to being alone. When a man is living with his wife, he is much calm. Not only he takes care of his health, but he has a woman beside him who helps him with his health. Same is with the woman. When a woman is sick, her husband is there for him, helping her through the sickness, making sure she does not do much work and rest as much as possible. This way a man and a woman live a happy and healthy life together. Both the man and the woman experience the best physically strong and salubrious condition.

·Both the man and woman experience emotional, as well as moral support from the partner. This ensures that both of them do not feel alone in the times of hardships and hurdles. A husband is always there to support his wife, and same does the wife for her husband. This makes them both very less likely to fall for depression. When one of them encounters conditions where he/she might fall badly in depression or frustration, the other one is always there with all ears to listen to the partner, console them, make them happy and support them no matter what it takes. 

·Studies say that the married people make more money and wealth than the single themselves. When the topic of marriage comes up, people often avoid it by saying that marriage brings so many responsibilities. They believe that they can not keep up a well-living by falling into a relationship like marriage. But they don’t understand that marriage actually brings more wealth. Not only you have the blessing of God over yourself, but there are

certain ways which prove that married couples earn more. Either both of them work, or one of them work. You must have heard of Marital Tax Deduction. That’s for the married couples that they need to pay fewer taxes. 

·It is proved that the married men earn way more money than single men. They even get jobs quicker. As they are considered to be the ones with more responsibilities. Also, when talking about married women, they are financially stable. Even it is a choice for married women either to make money for themselves or not. 

·The children of married people are less likely to have a miserable life. As they have their parents to fulfill all their needs. The children of a married couple also get to have almost all their wants and desires fulfilled. These children have very low chances of being poor as they have two parents ahead of them, making money for their good living and providing them with every facility a good, well-being child must have. 

·The children of married people are very less likely to fall victim to bully and abuse. Because they have their parents to give them attention and protect them. 

·The children of a healthy couple are much attentive and happier. They attend school with an active passion. They do not miss out their classes and they do their work with excellence providing a very satisfactory and excellent outcome that not only makes their parents happy but provide them the glory for a brighter future as well. These children are quite social. They are very confident in making new friends, dealing with different people and partaking in different activities. These students are physically and mentally very fresh and very active. This way they become quite successful in everything.

The other benefits of marriage include: 

·Many health benefits by the Government, in the form of health insurances. And being an employee provides you with additional health benefits by the firm or company you are working in. 

·There are leave benefits that you can avail when your partner is sick. Being an employee, you have a complete right of asking for a leave for the sake of your family. A Married couple enjoys the security benefits as well, which ensure their secure living in the present as well as future. So, they don’t need to worry about the security of their family and other things anymore.

·They say that a married man or woman lives longer than an

unmarried person. Some say it’s because they have so much to live for as compared to a single person. They have responsibilities to fulfill, they have happier people around them to make them happy and protect them from sickness.

·The married couple has a fresh and happening mood at most times than single people. An exhausted man when comes home to a beautiful wife welcoming him home with a hot supper, he forgets about his hectic day and opens up to his wife. 

Types of Marriage

A marriage looks like just a unity of a man and a woman to make a family and up bring children together. But marriage is of different types in different regions of the world.




·Group Marriage


is a type of marriage in which a man marries more than one woman at a time. In old and ancient times, this type of marriage was so common. Even today, in many regions, this type of marriage is in practice by numerous people. There are two further types of Polygyny.

Sororal Polygyny – Sororal Polygyny is a type of marriage in which a man marries several women who are all sisters to each other. The husband is called as sororate. It used to happen in those families which were very wealthy and one strong man would marry all the daughters in the family.

Non-Sororal Polygyny – In non-sororal polygyny, a man marries more than one woman but they are not really sisters. The man may pick women from different tribes, different families and marry them.


It is a type of marriage in which one woman marries several men. It is common in some tribes in India. However, it not much practiced in the world. There are two further types of Polyandry. 

Fraternal Polyandry – It is a type of marriage in which a woman

marries brothers of a family. 

Non-Fraternal Polyandry – This is the type of marriage in which a wife’s husbands do not need to be brothers or close relatives. She can spend the time of each of the husband. And while she is with one, the others cannot complain.


Monogamy is the most common one all around the world. It’s a type of marriage in which one man marries one woman at a time. Monogamy is again of further two types.

Straight Monogamy – In the straight monogamy, none of the couples is allowed to marry again after their first spouse is dead or they divorce each other. 

Serial Monogamy – It is the type of marriage in which when one spouse dies or the couple divorce each other, they are allowed to marry again. 

Group Marriage 

The group marriage is a type of marriage in which more than one man marry more than one woman. They live in a group and are said to be married in a group. Their children are called as whole and entire group’s children. 

History of Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation is a practice that has been happening for hundreds of years. There’s a very interesting and amazing history of wedding invitations. The history of how people changed their way of interacting and sending invitations for the big day. How people adopted different methods to advance their invitations and make them look really attractive and appealing. 

In very, very ancient ages, when men couldn’t talk. Yes, I am talking about the earliest time when human being came into the world. They didn’t know how to talk, they did not know how to interact with their surrounding people with the tongue. They probably did not even know that this little organ inside their mouth was meant to help them speak. That time was different. A man thought that the only way to communicate was by using different gestures and signs. So that’s the reason they invited people to the wedding by different signs and actions. Letting them know they were invited to partake in their big days. This was the oldest of all times when the man was nothing but just a walking body who would hunt animals and light fire with stones to make his living. The man didn’t know what a piece of paper or a pen is. 

In the 1400s, men could talk. They knew they had a tongue that assists in talking. They had a language. They knew how to communicate. They were far advanced than the men of the earliest age. But back then, that was the time of town crier. Do you know what a town crier is? A town crier would announce the wedding loudly in the streets, in the towns and wherever he was commanded to. Have you seen in the old movies, where there is a royal wedding and a few guards from the castle are commanded to invite every man in the city to the wedding? The guards riding their horses move through the streets announcing people that they are invited to the castle on a specific date and time. That’s how it used to work because most men were not so aware of reading and writing at that time. Even for mediocre families. A town crier would announce the wedding invitation and who ever heard it was welcomed to the celebration even if he was just a stranger. But there was one exception, that the one who hears is not the inviter’s enemy. The date, the time and the venue were announced by the town crier. Also, the town crier in the very starting of the invitation would explain who was marrying and whom, and who sent the invitation. This method of inviting people to the wedding was practiced until The 1600s until all almost all people, learned to read and write and there was an advancement in the invitation method.

In the very beginning of the 1600s, there came a new way of inviting people to the wedding. The families would drop a wedding invitation in the newspaper. It stated who was marrying whom, and who invited the guests. Along with these details were the date and the venue of the wedding day. Now, this also must have invited many of the strangers at that time. Because it clearly shows anyone who would read that invitation in the newspaper was invited to attend the celebration, only if the guest list was not mentioned. 

They say by the mid-1600s, the carved wedding invitations came into a trend. That was a unique way to invite friends, family members and other relatives to the wedding. This was the time when there was finally some use of the paper to invite individually, even if it was just tissue paper. There were special workers to make the carved wedding invitations. 

They would engrave or carve into the special tissue paper all the details of the bride and the groom and their families. Also, they would mention the day, the venue and the time. The tissue paper gave a firm texture to the ink, prevented it from spreading out or to get smudged. This meant that relatives were actually being invited specially and separately without announcing to more than half of the city. Every person with the invitation would come to the wedding along with the carved invitation. The invitation held much honor when it came to elite-class weddings. The ones with the invitation would showoff themselves to the people for having a participation in the celebration.

With the arrival of the 1900s, the wedding invitations were transformed to a much better appearance. They were then actual paper with a kind invitation. The paper was then mailed to the guests in an envelope. In order to ensure that the envelope does not get ruined on its way to the receiver, the invitations were double enveloped. 

Since the 1950s, the wedding invitation system has been very much organized and well-settled. We have now modern technology, very efficient and effective machinery to print the best wedding invitations for us. We now have it typed and carved on a good quality, hard card. There are now different organizations who provide you with a variety of different modern and advanced designs and styles. Everybody wants to send their loved ones the invitation which symbolizes that they are going to have a remarkable wedding and not just a regular one. There are now scented wedding cards available, unique designs that look quite eye-catching and top notch. 

Types of Wedding Invitations

There are numerous types of wedding invitations now available in the market. Some of them are.

·Engraved Wedding

Invitation – An engraved wedding invitation is very unique and looks very beautiful.

Different companies have installed top-notch machinery which is expert in printing the engraved work. In the engraved wedding invitation method, a copper plate is used and the words are carved onto that plate which gives a very royal and luxurious look to the invitation. This paper plate is then inserted into the special machine and a paper comes out of this copper plate, having beautiful words on it, pouring out the appealing message for the receivers.


Wedding Invitation – No, these are not the ordinary hand-written letters type of invitations. There are special men with special writing who give your invitation a look at those hand-written words. Have you wondered why hand-made embroidery and other accessories are much worthy than the ones which were made with modern machinery? Because hand-made things require efforts. 


Wedding Invitation – The engraved wedding invitations are undoubtedly very beautiful, but they require a lot of your money. They are expensive. If you want an invitation that looks like engraved ones, yet they are cost friendly. I recommend you going for thermography. It is cheaper, but it gives almost the exact look of the engraved wedding invitations. This way you can have a beautiful wedding invitation for your big day without spending too much money on it. 


Wedding Invitation – The contemporary wedding invitations are far different from the other ones. While other use ivory-shaded papers, the contemporary wedding invitation uses different colors for their paper. You can go to their shop, look out for designs, or create your very own. Tell them what you want. Tell them your color scheme, the design you prefer the most. And they will make you the perfect and the most beautiful wedding invitation.

·Off-Set Printed

Wedding Invitation – The off-set printed wedding invitation includes just the normal printing that is mostly used in business. In my opinion, it is not so ideal for printing the wedding invitations as weddings are a very formal event. A very beautiful and elegant invitation card must be there to invite your honorable guests. The invitation itself speaks of the importance and the honor of the big day and you. You must look close to the requirements for the best wedding invitation.

·Calligraphy Wedding

Invitation – If talking about the beauty, nothing can beat the calligraphy in it. The calligraphy wedding invitations are surely one of the most beautiful ones. Where words dance with elegance and the colors mesh well together. The card, the invitation shows the elegance, shows the grandeur of the splendid wedding. There are now modern machines and technology which print out the invitations with the most modern calligraphy. Even now you can select different fonts and different styles when it comes to calligraphy. Choose your color scheme, choose your design, choose your words, choose your font and let them make the best invitation for you.

It has been seen and observed how the wedding invitation methods and ways changed over with every passing decade. People started with signs and then loud announces and then they adopted the paper invitations. And just how amazing it is, how the paper invitations even changed with time. How it all started with an invitation looking like just a regular letter and now there are special cards which are specially designed on orders with a wide price range. The cards, made under the supervision of experts and in the modern technology ensures that you send the best invitation to your loved ones.